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Feed’Em is an Independent UK artist and entrepreneur. His zeal to serve and innovation has created a number of platforms for fellow creative’s in the scene, whilst carving a lane for his own artistry. Inspired by Matthew 4, Feed’Em aims to feed the culture with substantial content. His style of music is a seamless blend of the UK Grime and Hip-Hop; you can expect to hear some hard hitting beats, complex rhymes and captivating lyrics.

Unique Creation

Unique Creation

Emerging from East London, “Unique Creation” shows off metaphoric wordplay over a fusion of hip hop and his own version of grime and rock which he calls “Grock” his energy and transparency remains consistent in his music and stage presence.

Imiebi Rose

Imiebi Rose

Imiebi Rose is more than just a Social Media Management/Marketing company. They are a Christian media company that take pride in managing your social media accounts, watching your business thrive with regular social media updates. We are living in a time where social media is the best point of contact. Why not get your business out there? The CEO is also a You Tuber, Author Natural Hair Enthusiast and lover of Christ in all that she does.


Pogis photo

My name is Ikechukwuka Nwanze, a 24-year old photographer located in North London. An eye for capturing great moments with my lens which has mostly consisted of street and portraits but also just passionate about photography in general.

whacko ink 2

Whacko Ink

Ashwin is a multi-disciplined illustrator & designer working and living in Dublin. At the studio, he strives to create cutting edge designs that is versatile, contemporary and relevant to the story being told be it branding, graphic design or illustration. He develops conceptual illustrations & design for advertising campaigns, products, editorial, children’s books and one off commissions from around the world. He has worked with a variety of brands including  Nike, Vans, Puma, Team Hope, Mad Egg, King Features Syndicate, Tayto Park etc.