Alternative liturgy with rap artist Feed’Em @ARK William Parker Academy

#FMGUKTT19 – School Tour 2019

Year 7 and 8 students enthusiastically participated in an alternative form of worship with rap artist ‘Feed’Em.

As part of the schools Church of England status students are routinely invited to take part in liturgy/worship including prayer, Eucharist and other services such as Remembrance. As the term was closing, Christians around the world were preparing to celebrate the key aspect of their faith – Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Each year in Hastings there is an Easter Festival and this year as part of this event Ark William Parker was invited to host a young Christian rap artist called  ‘Feed’ Em’ – this was the second time that students were able to experience his music and message about his faith.

It was a lively performance with many students participating with great energy and enjoyment. Music has a unique way to explain the message of Christianity and this was a unique way for our students to hear that Easter is a celebration and to understand where the origin of the holiday comes from.

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